Sunday 22 May 2022: 

Tim Holehouse featuring

Kieran O'Malley (UK) @ 15u30

(Blues/Roots Music)

Tim and Kieran met while Keiran was playing fiddle for the band Spirit of John. Making friends and hearing Kieran’s awesome playing Tim invited him to play on his album “Come” from there Tim would call Kieran if when Tim played the Irishman’s native Leeds to play as a duo. This has lead to an Italian tour together in December 2021. Further recording and live shows planned when diaries align.
Kieran add a stunning dynamic to Tim’s eclectic back catalogue.

Sunday 5 June 2022: 

Andrea Ramolo (CAN) &

Sara Romano (Sicily) @ 15u30


Toronto's Andrea Ramolo returns to Europe in support of her 7th studio record Quarantine Dream.  Andrea is a multiple Canadian Folk Music Award nominee, a two-time nominee for this year's Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, and was one-half of the folk-pop duo Scarlett Jane.  She has been touring across Europe and North America for the past 15 years and has played many of the major folk music festivals all across her native Canada. She will be sharing songs from her many recordings, including her 2018 release HOMAGE honouring the late and great Leonard Cohen. Joining her on guitar and opening the shows is Sicilian songstress Sara Romano who plays a sophisticated brand of Mediterranean folk music and has two albums under her belt.  

Sunday 10 July 2022: 

Henhouse Prowlers (USA) @ 15u30


Founded over 16 years ago with the simple desire to play original and powerful bluegrass, this quartet now finds themselves at the intersection of performance, diplomacy and education.

The Prowlers have now been to more than 25 countries across the globe, working with the U.S. State Department and under their own nonprofit, Bluegrass Ambassadors - incorporating music from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and more into their already robust repertoire of unique traditional American music.

On stage, in workshops and wherever they are, the Henhouse Prowlers find and spread the commonality we share as human beings through the universal language of music.


Thursday 14 July 2022: 

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra (UK) @ 21u30

(Western Swing/Blues/Roots Music)

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra don’t care what genre you choose to put them in – Western Swing, Blues, Country, Rock & Roll or whatever else– as long as you understand that they’re 100% sincere and 100% immersed in this stuff. This is no lazy pastiche, no dressing up box. They live and breathe this music and want you to get immersed with them. The Tea Pad are eight years into a remarkable story that began with four friends studying at Newcastle University and now sees them playing venues and festivals across the UK and mainland Europe. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne but with members hailing from Orkney to Warwickshire, the Tea Pad sound draws on myriad influences – from Hank Williams to Django Reinhardt, Tom Waits to The Beatles – yet ultimately sounds like nobody else, that North Eastern Swing style that’s utterly their own and changing all the time.

Thursday 21 July 2022: 

The Truffle Valley Boys (IT) @ 15u30

(50's Bluegrass)


Founded in 2014 by Matt Ringressi and american roots music veteran Ruben Minuto (who continues to collaborate with the band occasionally), the Truffle Valley Boys have placed themselves at the forefront of the Blue Grass music scene in Europe. They perform authentic Blue Grass in the most uncompromising way, around a single microphone and using period instrumentation, with the utmost attention to musical and aesthetic details, a fiery drive and a healthy dose of good-natured entertainment! With thousands of miles traveled each year headlining major festivals and events, the band has won unanimous approval all over Europe for their live performances, and their records have received worldwide airplay and enthusiastic reviews on publications like Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Today...the Boys are even featured in a permanent exibith at the Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame And Museum in Owensboro, KY! The Truffle Valley Boys' show is a real throwback to era gone by, and their music is a tribute to the genuine, raw and powerful sounds of the more obscure regional Blue Grass acts of the 1950s...full steam ahead, indeed!


Saturday 1 October 2022: 

Munly & The Lupercalians (USA) 

@ 21u30

(Folk/Gothic/Roots Music)

Words from Munly: “I have never addressed my lyrics and subject matter, this has been on my mind since the beginning of my writing, I am doing this out of respect for anyone who would give their own time, attention and effort to what I do.

“At this time the voices of the unjustly persecuted are not enough. Those who have grown up with privilege need to add their voice and position in society to finally rectify perpetual injustice. I have read and written since I was a little boy. It is not always a love, though it is what I have chosen to do. I take it seriously, I sometimes wish I were able to write something for the beach, something for the radio. It is too important to me to attempt and fail at. What voice I have is best used in literature and music. What failings those have are a shortcoming of my ability. I love A. A. Milne, but I have found that is not my voice. What faltering voice I have found is drawn towards unsavory situations, malevolent characters, uncompromising settings. I normally write in the first person, this does not mean I am the first person. I do love a few of my characters, however, I would not tolerate the majority if these abhorrences if they were real. And that is the crux. Many of these beings are not fiction in this world, for a portion of the human race they have been a dominating presence.

Sunday 23 October 2022: 

Ward Hayden & The Outliers (USA) 

@ 21u30

(Country/Folk/Roots Music)

They are coming back to their home away from home at Cowboy Up

Over the past 15 years or so fronting the acclaimed country and Americana act Girls Guns And Glory, Ward Hayden has always been a bit of an outsider maverick in this stodgy rock and roll town, and we’ve always respected his roll against the mainstream tide. The Massachusetts musician’s band rebranded a few years ago as Ward Hayden & The Outliers



Sunday 6 november 2022: 

Nick Diyet & The Love Soldiers (CAN) &

Gordie Tentrees (CAN) @ 15u30

(Blues/Alt Country/Folk/Roots Music)

Diyet & The Love Soldiers with Gordie TentreesDiyet & The Love Soldiers (Trio) is alternative country, folk, roots andtraditional with catchy melodies and stories deeply rooted in Diyet’sIndigenous world view and northern life. Backed by Love Soldiers:husband and collaborator, Robert van Lieshout and Juno Award winning producer, Bob Hamilton; this multi-instrumental trio from the Yukon has a sound that can fill a big stage or capture an intimate room.Gordie Tentrees (solo) is an international award nominated touring artist returning to Europe with a new record (8th) for his 12th tour ofEurope. From Celtic Connections (Glasgow, UK) to National FolkFestival (Canberra, AU) his ability to hold an audience, weave melody, while juggling the light with the dark is infections. Performing with 5 instruments he has toured with Fred Eaglesmith, Mary Gauthier & Kelly Joe Phelps.

Wednesday 30 november 2022: 

The Hooten Hallers (USA) @ 21u00

(Blues Rock/RocknRoll/Roots Music)

Columbia, Missouri trio The Hooten Hallers are a high-energy blues-rock band known for hard-traveling and wild live shows, with a seemingly endless tour schedule. The myriad of influences in their music incorporates elements of rhythm & blues, rock’n’roll, honky tonk, jazz, soul, and punk with a thematic penchant for the strange and the unexplained. Their live shows take the listener on a seamless ride from unapologetically raucous blues on the lap steel and bass sax, to a sweet three part harmony country ballad, to a romping dance number.

Listeners often detect hints of George Thorogood, Morphine, and Tom Waits, but anyone who has seen The Hooten Hallers live knows that this power trio is unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

John Randall’s demonically-tinged vocals and manic guitar, and Andy Rehm’s screaming falsetto vocals and steady, pounding drum beat keep the band focused on their unique blend of deep blues and country punk. Kellie Everett brings the power with the deep rumble of her baritone and bass saxophones. When The Hooten Hallers come to town, you know it’s gonna be a party!