Friday 29 March 2024: 

VOLK (USA) @ 21u30


VOLK is Nashville die-hard rock duo and tour rats, Eleot Reich (drums, vocals) and Christopher Lowe (guitar, vocals).
Since meeting in Berlin in 2013 at a brothel-turned-bar called Madame Claude’s, VOLK’s work ethic can’t be questioned. They are known for making the music they want with little regard for genre, historically landing in cowpunk territory with heavy guitars, hammering drums and a flair for country-western.


Friday 12 april 2024: 

Elliott Brood (CAN) @ 21u30

(Folk Rock/Alt Country)

Elliott BROOD BIO:“Doing it the hard way for 20 years,” is a badge Elliott BROOD wear withhonour. Two decadeson, work, life and love have taken the trio in many directions, away from their hometowns andheadfirst into an ongoing musical journeythrough distance and time. Now, after beingmembers of this band for nearly half of their lives, Elliott BROOD is never more at home than inthe wash of distorted, evocative strings and stomps that make their signature alt countrysound.Elliott BROODappeared on the cover of Exclaim Magazine in 2008 as the new ambassadors of aroots, folk rock and alt country wave that flourished in Toronto’s early aughts. Elliott BROOD’sarrival came with a level of buzz that launched them directly into the heart ofa vibrant Torontoscene that centered at label Six Shooter Records, where they have returned to release theirnewest music. Their live show, a maelstrom of frenetic energy and fuzz, has brought them backand forth across continents countless times on billsTheSadies, Wilco, The Black Crowes, andmany more. Their albums, meticulously crafted, detail-packed collections have brought some ofCanada’s highest musicalhonoursand awards, including an early Polaris Music Prize Short Listand a JUNO Award.In their twenty years, the band has remained fiercely loyal to their mysterious namesake. Thestylized, imaginary character has guided the band’s travels over mountains and meadows, andthrough the more harrowing sides of history. Over time, Elliott BROOD hasalso grown into avessel for the trio’s shared history too, with new songs finding connection and communion inthemes that hit much closer to home. Family, fatherhood and finding oneself over again are allpart of Elliott BROOD’s story as it is now told.

Sunday 28 April 2024:

Sean K Preston (USA) @ 15u30


Like many underground roots bands, Sean K. Preston and the Loaded Pistols aren’t just country. They mix in a healthy dose of rockabilly, surf, blues, and serve it all with a dark punk attitude, punctuated with a grit and a growl which makes going to the concerts, or ge4ting a snoot full of the music a more frenetic experience.



Friday 24 May 2024: 

Lynette Morgan & The Blackwater Valley Boys (USA) @ 21u30

(Western Swing/RocknRoll)


Some good ole Western Swing tonight!!



Sunday 2 June 2024: 

The Longshore Drifters (UK) @ 15u30

(Honky Tonk/Old Skool)

The LONGSHORE DRIFTERS are an East Sussex quintet of duet heavy, old school country pickers who wear the influence of golden age Honky Tonk and Cosmic Country proudly on pearl snapped sleeves.  A living jukebox  exuding the very essence of dim lights, thick smoke and loud loud music, two stepping in the shadows of Conway & Loretta, Gram & Emmylou, The Drifting Cowboys and The Buckaroos. 




Saturday 8 June 2024: 

Muddy Roots Europe pre party with

Western AF European tour including:

Todd Day Wait, Kristina Murray & Pat Reedy (USA) @ 21u30

(Honky Tonk/Western/Country)


Official MRE24 pre party with Todd Day Wait,Kristina Murray & Pat Reedy.

Videos click on link below.

Free entrance. Start at 21h30