Friday 7 April 2023: 

Pete Bernhard

(of The Devil Makes Three)


Clyde McGee

(of Bridge City Sinner) 

(USA) @ 21u30

(Blues/Folk/Singer Songwriter)


Pete Bernhard is the singer and main songwriter for the band The Devil Makes Three and has been touring the US, Canada and Europe for nearly 18 years. He hails from a small community in southern Vermont with a family rife with musicians. His father was a singer and songwriter, his brother attended Berklee School of Music, and his aunt was a local folk musician. Immersed in music at a young age, he was drawn to older, traditional finger picking blues and folk music. In 2001, Pete headed to Washington State, where he formed a duo with a childhood friend Cooper McBean and began touring the west coast. When they broke down in Santa Cruz, California, they stayed with a fellow Vermonter Lucia Turino who was attending college at the University Of Santa Cruz and the band– The Devil Makes Three was born. Pete has three solo records released on his own label Kahn Records and many more with The Devil Makes Three.

Clyde McGee is an Americana and folk performer. The songwriting and style is heavily influenced by early American swing, folk, and Appalachian old time music. Clyde McGee also shreds the banjo in the neo-folk band the Bridge City Sinners. 

EasterSunday 9 April 2023: 

Moonshine Wagon (SP) @ 15u30

(Bluegrass/Roots Music)

Moonshine Wagon is a heavy bluegrass band from the Basque Country. They are always on tour since 2013 traveling in theirmotorhome called “the Wagon" all over the world doing what they like the most. If you see them live you would feel their inexhaustible and easily contagious energy.

Saturday 15 April 2023: 

The Royal Hillbilly Club (NL) @ 21u30

(Bluegrass/Pub Folk/Hillbilly)

Een bruisende cocktail van bluegrass, pub folk en hits met een Hillbilly twist. Daar word je dorstig van! The Royal Hillbilly Club barbecuet hun repertoire als het ware boven een enorm braadrooster en garneren het geheel met een flinke scheut zelfgestookte moonshine en explosieve energie. De band speelt liedjes die tot leven komen in de pub of bij de grill. Dus bestel nog een pint en grijp je maten bij de schouders! De band speelde o.a. in Paradiso en De Melkweg en op vele festivals en feesttenten in binnen- en buitenland én op nationale tv. Deze op hol geslagen stoomtrein komt met de snelheid van de bliksem je kant op en neemt een lading vol feest en plezier voor iedereen met zich mee! 

Sunday 23 April 2023: 

Zachary Lucky (CAN) @ 15u30

(Country/Folk/Roots Music)

The road is no stranger to Canadian country singer Zachary Lucky. He’s used to rolling through hundreds of tour dates a year, sleeping in the back of his car, and playing his heart out in every town he moves through. He’s learned to trust the road, and to trust the gifts it brings. It’s a lesson he learned first from his grandfather, famed Canadian western singer Smilin’ Johnnie Lucky, who was known for relentlessly touring the Arctic regions of the country. In his youth, Zachary Lucky felt free on the road, driving from one town to the next and never staying long. “I never felt the need to come home” he says, “because there was never anything waiting for me there.” Ten years later, he’s got a new outlook on his life and a family waiting for him at home in Ontario. The songs on his new album Midwestern, coming October 18, 2019, grapple with fatherhood, the passage of time, and whether his daughters will grow up knowing the Canadian prairies he still loves. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Lucky finds himself in the company of other Saskatchewan artists like Colter Wall, Deep Dark Woods, and Kacy & Clayton. Why has this rugged Canadian province produced such great roots music? Lucky thinks some of it must come down to the prairie landscape and its people. “There’s something about the Canadian Midwestern people,” he says in explanation. “There’s a strong work ethic, and a kindness to them that you don’t find anywhere else. There’s also something about being in the middle of nowhere, beneath that vast prairie sky, watching it come alive with colour as the sun dips below the horizon.”


Sunday 30 april 2023:

Nathan Kalish Band (USA) @ 15u30


Nathan Kalish is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and wandering storyteller. Born in Milwaukee, WI, to missionary parents, he was moved around for most of his formative years. By the time Kalish had graduated high school, he had already lived all over the Midwest, as well as Western Europe and directly after the wall fell in Eastern Europe.” He then spent over a decade performing music across both, playing bars and Honky-Tonks for 200+ shows a year. Now he lives and creates in Nashville, TN.

Sunday 7 May 2023:

Kit & Caboodle (BE) @ 15u30

(Appalachian Old Time Country)

Kit & Caboodle spelen appalachian old time country muziek met een hoge dansbaarheidsfactor gedrenkt in melancholie. Authentieke en betoverende straatmuziek met een folkpunk attitude. Nooit te vrolijk maar steeds doorzettend spreken ze tot het hart en de benen, want het leven is hard en de waarheid mag gezongen worden.


Friday 19 May 2023:

The Truffle Valley Boys (IT) @ 21u30

(50's Bluegrass)

Founded in 2014 by Matt Ringressi and american roots music veteran Ruben Minuto (who continues to collaborate with the band occasionally), the Truffle Valley Boys have placed themselves at the forefront of the Blue Grass music scene in Europe.
They perform authentic Blue Grass in the most uncompromising way, around a single microphone and using period instrumentation, with the utmost attention to musical and aesthetic details, a fiery drive and a healthy dose of good-natured entertainment!

The Truffle Valley Boys' show is a real throwback to era gone by, and their music is a tribute to the genuine, raw and powerful sounds of the more obscure regional Blue Grass acts of the 1950s...full steam ahead, indeed!

Friday 14 July 2023:

Mary Lee Family Band (BRA/DE) @ 21u30

(Roots Music/Americana/Country)

Dubbed the Brazilian Loretta Lynn, Mary Lee (vocals/guitar) and Mauro Montezuma (drums/washboard) moved together with their kids to Berlin in 2019. After all, Berlin is the place to be.

Already in 2016, the Brazilian Honky-Tonk pioneers Mary Lee Family Band released their second studio album, Fighting Demons, on all digital platforms worldwide. Accompanying their first release with Muddy Roots Music, Nashville, is the music video for the title track of Fighting Demons. Fighting Demons explores the depths of roots country through Mary Lee’s personal experiences. The album “talks about the demons we face in life, both external and internal, which I believe are the most difficult to handle,” said Mary Lee. “We got to create a power so that we no longer have to face them.” Her songs capture the essence of a musician’s struggle to find healing and redemption through their music, all with Mary Lee’s unique honky-tonk inspired flair. Full of energy and brand new songs, they are touring Europe full-time now – joined by Sorcha Thompson (Fiddle) and Big Bull (Double Bass). For anybody who experienced their energetic live shows: Mary Lee Family Band are akin to a high-speed train traveling from Brazil to Berlin, with a quick pit stop in New York for a prayer to the church of punk rock and a shot of whiskey.