*Are 2020 pre sale tickets permitted at MRE22 (ReloadedII)

Yes they are. This is the only time this tickets can be used. Hard copy and online tickets. Bring your passports for the online tickets.

*Are pets allowed on camp ground and/or fest ground?

Pets are allowed on campground if they are authorized and leased.

For the well being of the animals and other visitors, pets are not allowed on fest ground

*Can we park our car, van or camper on camp ground?

Yes campground is allowed to keep your car or van with you on camp ground. Close to your camp spot. Respect your neighbors!

Keep the roads on camp ground clear.

*How can we get to the festival?

Use the page we made on our website contact & info. Choose public transport page.

*When can we arrive at the festival?

Campground will be open on Thursday June 23rd at 10am

*When do the first bands start?

First band is on Thursday June 23rd at 7pm

*What kinda food and drinks will be available?

Cowboy Up will provide all drinks and food like Brugse Zot, Triple Jack, BBQ and Fries shop. Details will come later!

*Can we order cash money?

Yes, Cash money will be available with debit or credit card when buying food or drink stamps

*Can we get sigarets
Yes, there will be sigarets available at the ticket booth
*Will there be breakfast served and when?
Breakfast will be avaialble from 8.30am till 10.30am on Friday, Saturday,Sunday and Monday